6 May 2010

Hopes more women will succeed in Bougainville election starting tomorrow

2:05 pm on 6 May 2010

There are hopes for a jump in the number of women sitting in the parliament of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville after elections starting tomorrow.

Helen Hakena of the Leitana Nehan Women's Agency says there are a couple of dozen women contesting the 35 general seats as well as the three seats reserved for women.

In addition former Cabinet Minister, Madeleine Toroansi, is one of the seven people contesting the presidency.

Ms Hakena says they expect women candidates to do well.

"I think it's likely that some women will win because of the confidence that men and the general community have of women, because of the level of awareness that has been carried out, capacity building for women candidates which was conducted early this year. And the women are very confident when they go out for campaigning. So we are positive that some of them will be winning this election."

Helen Hakena says a key factor will be how voters allot their preference votes.