6 May 2010

PNG anti-corruption body calls for other parliamentarians to stand by principles

9:26 am on 6 May 2010

Transparency International in Papua New Guinea says parliamentarians should follow the example of the Attorney General and stand by their principles.

Dr Allan Marat has resigned after criticising controversial amendments to the Ombudsman Commission that some say will undermine its integrity.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister's office says the proposed legislation, which has passed its second reading in parliament, tightens the function of the watchdog and Dr Marat should have voiced his reservations in Cabinet.

But Transparency International''s chairperson, Peter Aitsi, says although sorry to see him go, it strongly supports Dr Marat's decision to step down.

"He sent a clear message out to other parliamentarians that they need to stand behind their principles and when a situation such as this occurs where there's a clash against those principles they then need to take the ultimate action."

Transparency International's Peter Aitsi.