27 Apr 2010

Concern in Cook Islands over sharp rise in teen pregnancies

9:34 pm on 27 April 2010

The Reproductive Health and Adolescent Health Co-ordinator in the Cook Islands is raising concerns about the sharp rise in the number of teen pregnancies saying more must be done to address it.

The number of teenage mothers in the country doubled last year on the year before.

Maine Beniamina blames the problem on teens not getting enough advice on sexual reproductive health.

"Lack of awareness and also young people or young teenagers are not accessing the family planning. Family planning is available. There are three main places where they can access family planning through NGOs and through government organisations, so it's always available."

Maine Beniamina says it's a problem that must be dealt with in a sensitive way.

She says her clinic can assure complete confidentiality for clients.