26 Apr 2010

Samoa Red Cross donates water tanks for tsunami victims

7:18 am on 26 April 2010

The Samoa Red Cross has handed over 319 rainwater collection tanks to the Government for distribution to families whose homes were destroyed by last September's tsunami.

The Samoa Red Cross funded 249 of the tanks while Oxfam has purchased another 70.

The government has started delivering 5000-litre plastic tanks to families who received assistance with new fales and have installed guttering, spouting and tank bases.

After the tsunami, families who relocated to plantation land on higher ground, had to travel long distances to fetch water.

In response, Red Cross supplied 10 villages stretching from Lepa to Saleaaumua with 69 community water tanks that were regularly filled by water trucks.

The Red Cross is encouraging families to use water wisely to ensure they have enough water to last them throughout the year.

In February the Red Cross presented 17 kilometres of polyethylene pipe to the Samoa Water Authority to construct an interim water supply in the tsunami-affected area.