23 Apr 2010

Solomon Islands former forestry commissioner wants immediate stop to logging

8:58 am on 23 April 2010

A former forestry commissioner in Solomon Islands is calling for an immediate end to logging.

Gideon Bauro says logging companies have been short-changing the country for decades, causing phenomenal damage to the environment and pitting families against each other.

He says double invoicing, bribery of government officials and misquoting of species have deprived the Solomon Islands economy of millions of US dollars.

Mr Bauro says there's no sustainable way of logging in Solomon Islands and the government must act quickly.

"It's got to stop right now or never. We will end up like Easter Island. Civilisation completely lost and people in the Solomon Islands are becoming uncivilised these days. No more relatives, no more friends, they've fought with each other, and this is not good."