21 Apr 2010

Fiji prosecutors change charges against top chief over church meeting call

1:32 pm on 21 April 2010

Fiji prosecutors have amended the charges against the paramount chief of Rewa province, the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa.

Last year, she was arrested for releasing a statement saying that the Burebasaga confederacy and the province of Rewa were welcoming the Methodist church members to host their annual conference in Rewa.

Her statement came after the interim government had cancelled the permit for the conference.

According to the Fiji village website, Ro Temumu has now been charged with conspiracy to affect an unlawful purpose namely the disobedience of lawful order.

She is to appear in the Suva Magistrates Court on Monday.

The interim regime has meanwhile banned the Methodists' annual conference until 2014.