19 Apr 2010

Signs of strong backing in Jakarta for dialogue on Papua

7:10 pm on 19 April 2010

The Indonesian Institute of Sciences, or LIPPI, says there is support in Jakarta for dialogue over the key issues concerning Papua region.

Together with the Papua Peace Network LIPPI has been holding consultations in several Papuan districts about local views over how to facilitate the dialogue.

The LIPPI researcher Muridan Widjoyo says the format for high level dialogue still needs to be worked out.

He says that as for the government's response to this aspiration for dialogue, there is a great deal of fear on the part of some in Jakarta over the issue.

Mr Widjoyo says the Network is linked to a group that is holding ongoing focus discussions with various government and parliamentary agencies over the issue.

"So it is a very significant support. And it is a process. Our target is that we should manage to convince the President to accept this (dialogue) as the initiative of the Indonesian government."

Muridan Widjoyo