19 Apr 2010

American Samoa's tugboat finally heading to territory

8:42 am on 19 April 2010

The new American Samoa government tugboat the Sailele and two barges, which have been sitting in Honolulu for more than two years, have left for the territory.

American Samoa's Port Director, Matagi Ray McMoore, says the journey to Pago Pago should take up to 17 days.

The Sailele was to sail home last month however it was arrested after the Marisco shipyard where it underwent repairs filed a complaint that American Samoan government failed to pay a more than US$800,000 debt.

The parties reached an agreement to withdraw the arrest and the vessel was released without the government having to pay a bond.

But the Honolulu federal district court has set a bench trial for January 11, 2011 on a lawsuit brought by Marisco shipyard against the American Samoa government.