19 Apr 2010

EU funds for solar power for north Pacific islands

5:48 am on 19 April 2010

The European Union will inject 32 million US dollars into solar power for remote islands in the north Pacific and regional fisheries programmes over the next four years following the signing of agreements.

The EU's Ambassador to the Pacific, Wiepke van der Goot, joined Dr Jimmie Rodgers, Director of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and officials from to sign grant documents in Pohnpei in Federated State of Micronesia.

Mr van der Goot says it's the single largest financial commitment ever made by the EU in these three countries.

He says the aim of the Northern Pacific Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program is to improve the overall efficiency of the energy sector through energy efficiency and grid-connected renewable energy.

He also says there are hopes it will increase access for remote populations to affordable and reliable renewable electricity services.

The second agreement inked by the EU and SPC will provide 11.7 million US dollars for scientific research and management of fisheries in the region, both oceanic and coastal.