8 Apr 2010

PINA yet to comment on Fiji Media Decree

3:34 pm on 8 April 2010

The Pacific Islands News Association, or PINA, says it's adopting a wait and see approach following the release of a draft media decree in Fiji yesterday.

The decree plans to restrict foreign media ownership which will impact on the Fiji Times.

It is not clear what will happen to the PINA whose Suva-based news service is not Fiji-owned.

PINA's Fiji-based manager, Matai Akauola, says it's too early to adopt a strong position.

"PINA would like to try to meet with its members, like Fiji TV, Fiji Times, Fiji Sun before we could come to a conclusion on how we see this media decree. You could just gather from the meeting that they have their own point of view, so it would be good to sit down one on one with the various organisations."

Matai Akauola.

Last week, PINA's vice-president, John Woods, called for the organisation to relocate.

Mr Woods, who publishes the Cook Island News, said kowtowing to the Fiji censors by PINA is contrary to what the organisation stands for, which is freedom of expression.