8 Apr 2010

Cooks Democratic Party expels four members still in government

3:35 pm on 8 April 2010

The president of the Cook Islands Democratic Party, Makiuti Tongia, says the four party members who refused to resign as ministers have been expelled.

An ultimatum had been given to thembefore Easter to resign as ministers or face expulsion.

Mr Tongia says this means that Robert Wigmore, Cassey Egelton, William Stanley Heather and Apii Piho have all been struck off the member list.


They are no longer members of the party. By their own non refusal to resign they have expelled themselves from the party. 09

Makiuti Tongia says the party remains open for talks with the ousted members until the elections to see if they want to rejoin.

But he says they cannot expect to be reinstated as ministers if the Democratic Party wins the election.