29 Mar 2010

Fiji's Taveuni risks food shortages because of cyclone damage

3:35 pm on 29 March 2010

A resident on Fiji's Taveuni Island says they will run out of food in about two weeks if government help does not reach them fast.

The island was one of many badly hit by Cyclone Tomas earlier this month.

Melania Regu says the cyclone blew away or damaged houses, uprooted trees and destroyed crops, affecting about 3,000 people in some way.

Ms Regu says while the Red Cross has distributed tents, they need other necessities urgently.

"There's been no help. We need food and clothing and tents and things like that. It won't be so long, in about two weeks time, we'll run out of food. We'll just have to buy our flour from the shop, otherwise we won't eat. And how can we buy it when we don't have any source of income. [It has] all [been] blown away."

Melania Regu says about 100 people are still sheltering in the community hall.

However, the National Disaster Management Office's acting director, Pajiliai Dobui, says his office distributed food to the island last week.