23 Mar 2010

Solomons team to check on damage caused by Cyclone Ului

12:07 pm on 23 March 2010

Assessment teams are just setting out around Solomon Islands to report on the damage caused by Cyclone Ului.

The Category Four storm sat near the Solomons for nearly a week, causing damage to homes and gardens over large parts of the country.

A spokesman for the Disaster Management Office, Julian Makaa, says it will take quite some time for the teams to fully gauge the situation:

"Some will be travelling by foot and others by outboard motors and once they are on the ground they will have to walk on foot as well there are no roads in these areas, the rural areas, so that's why it is going to take a bit longer than we would expect."

Mr Makaa says the teams will be taking basic relief food supplies to help those whose gardens have been destroyed.