17 Mar 2010

Hopes review of freedom of religion stops other religions entering Samoa

10:08 am on 17 March 2010

Some pastors in Samoa says they hope a review of the freedom of religion will restrict other religions from coming into the country.

The government says the freedom of religion right has somehow posed a direct challenge to the autonomy of the village council.

It says it's also concerned that there are other religions, yet to arrive in Samoa, which strongly advocate beliefs that are contrary to Christianity.

The general secretary of the National Council of Churches, the Reverend Maauga Motu, says it is a good move to stop more religions from coming in to the country, as there are enough already.

"Part of the church is already fed up with this many religious beliefs coming in to the country and disturbing or doing this moving of people round to religions, from one religion to another religion. The proposal by the government is a correct move and it's about time to stop it now."

The Reverend Maauga Motu says they do not have a problem with the different religions already established in Samoa, like the Baha'i and Muslim faiths, but they don't want any more allowed in.