16 Feb 2010

Team leaves for American Samoa's Manu'a group to assess damage from Rene

11:50 am on 16 February 2010

An American Samoa government assessment team leaves this morning from the main island of Tutuila for the Manu'a Island group to look at damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Rene.

The cyclone passed close to the Manu'a Island group over the weekend.

The team of about 15 individuals are taking with them food supplies and other items for Manu'a residents.

There are reports of possible damage to homes on Manu'a.

The director of the local Department of Homeland Security says the team heading to Manu'a should be able to provide preliminary findings later today or tomorrow morning.

Mike Sala says on the main island of Tutuila, his assessment found that the island was not badly damaged.

He says he is also pleased with the public response in heeding the government's call to prepare.

This morning Tutuila residents and businesses are now taking down boards which were used to board up windows in preparation for the storm.