11 Feb 2010

Ninety percent of houses on Aitutaki in Cook islands damaged by cyclone Pat

9:02 am on 11 February 2010

The island of Aitutaki in the Cook islands is being battered by Cyclone Pat this morning with up to ninety per cent of the houses there suffering roofing damage.

The Cook Islands Police Commissioner, Maara Tetava, says winds of speeds over 100 kilometres per hour have brought down trees and affected power supply and communications.

"There's been a lot of damages, roofing damages as well as power poles down, trees down. Right now the island is still feeling the impact of the cyclone with winds ranging from 100 kilometres per hour wind speed, and raining a bit, but the good thing is there's no damages from storm surge."

Commissioner Tetava says the concern now is of Cyclone Pat striking the main island of Rarotonga this afternoon and all schools will be shut today.

He will be briefing the Prime Minister and cabinet soon to assess the damage and plan for recovery.