28 Dec 2009

Another mass jail break in Papua New Guinea

4:33 pm on 28 December 2009

There has been yet another mass prison escape in Papua New Guinea with 19 prisoners, who have been described as hard core criminals, breaking out of the Bui-iebi jail in Southern Highlands on Christmas Day.

The National newspaper reports that the group escaped around midday while the majority of the prison guards were involved in sporting activities.

The prisoners over-powered a lone guard and escaped on foot.

The police commander in the region, Simon Kauba, says half of the escapees were on remand for serious offences such as murder, rape, armed robbery and theft.

He has called the correctional officers negligent for allowing the breakout.

Mr Kauba told the newspaper that the wardens had failed to put proper security arrangements in place ahead of the sports events.

Earlier this month more than 70 prisoners broke out of Buimo jail in Morobe province.