21 Dec 2009

Closed Niue fish plant may reopen

7:31 am on 21 December 2009

The New Zealand company behind a mothballed fish plant in Niue is hoping it will re-open next year.

Niue Fishing invested several million dollars in the plant but it has not been operational in the past two years.

The company remains hopeful the New Zealand Government will help offset some of the establishment costs, but in the meantime it is planning a different type of operation.

John Gresson, the CEO of Reef Group, says they want to ship frozen fish to Europe and possibly Asia, after the earlier unsuccessful attempt to airfreight out fresh fish.

"We worked as hard at that as we could but a number of the relevant economic indicators, such as currency, fuel price and so on went against us, so I think it's most unlikely that we will return to that type of activity but we do see continuing usefulness and scope for the plant up there."