16 Dec 2009

Guam considers pay level ahead of construction boom

5:22 pm on 16 December 2009

A study is being conducted in the US territory of Guam on appropraite wages for construction staff involved in the military buildup.

8,000 marines are set to move from Japan to Guam by 2014, which will be accompaigned by thousands of construction workers for the buildup.

A bill considering whether the workers should be paid higher wages than the Guam average to attract more US workers, has been reportedly scrapped.

But the employer's council executive director, Andy Andrus, says it's important to determine an appropriate wage rate for them.

"They're going to do a more thorough study of the prevailaing wages here in Guam to come up with something that's a bit more objective. We'd like to see what the market rates are and an outcome to determine that the prevailaing wages according to the market, whatever rate to pay is there."

Andy Andrus

The relocation could be in jeopardy after Japan's Foreign Minister said there would be a delay in the decision.