16 Dec 2009

Fiji flood devastates dairy area

1:49 pm on 16 December 2009

A farmer in Fiji says financial compensation is being sought for flood damage to crops and livestock in Navua caused by Cyclone Mick.

Dave Wilson of Dairy Farms Fiji on Viti Levu says he's devastated at the estimated half a million US dollar flood damage to his dairy farm, including 120,000 US dollars worth of damage to cassava and dalo crops.

Other dairy and crop farmers he says are facing similar losses, after the nearby tidal river overflowed.

He says he's been asking for years for officials to dredge the nearby tidal river and farmers now want compensation.

"Not only for our farm but all areas of dairying have been badly affected. Some farmers haven't had the milk picked up for four days. Roads are still under floods so the government I know has been assessing and they will have a meeting Friday to see what sort of compensation and rehabilitation money they can find to assist all farmers to recover."

Dave Wilson of Dairy Farms Fiji