10 Dec 2009

Tuvalu's proposal leads to a suspension of negotiations in Copenhagen

9:13 am on 10 December 2009

On the third day of the United Nations climate change conference in Denmark, a call by Tuvalu to move its proposal to a contact group has led to a suspension of negotiations.

The Tuvalu delegation says its proposal for a new climate deal will compliment the Kyoto protocol.

A Tuvalu negotiator at the conference, Melton Tauetia, says calls to move the proposal to a contact group was supported by all the Pacific island nations and poor African countries.

But he says the idea was opposed by Saudi Arabia, China, India and Oman and a few other countries.

"Because they can't agree on the proposal for Tuvalu to debate this on a contact group, to discuss it at a contact group is more transparent so that everybody participates more in the discussion in negotiating the proposal. Those opposing countries only want it to be discussed in the plenary, so the president finally can't reach a consensus between the country and the meeting was suspended"

Meanwhile, Kiribati's Foreign Affair's Secretary, Tessie Eria Lambourne, says her country supports the call by the Tuvalu delegation.

We would like to be able to get everyone on board. We believe that the proposal by Tuvalu which is supported by the Alliance of Small Island States is something very positive and maybe able to get everyone on board and commit to a legally binding target and action and significant action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Kiribati's Foreign Affair's Secretary, Tessie Eria Lambourne.