3 Dec 2009

Samoa's domain .ws is listed as a risky web domain

10:49 am on 3 December 2009

Samoa's domain .ws is listed as one of the riskiest web domains by anti virus software developer McAfee.

The most heavily trafficked domain, .com, is the second-most dangerous domain.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the company analyzed more than 27 million country and generic Web domains for browser exploits, phishing, excessive pop-ups and malicious downloading.

The study found that Cameroon has the riskiest Web domain, with 36.7 percent of its sites posing security risks.

The next four most dangerous country domains are China, Samoa, the Philippines and the former Soviet Union.

In 2008, Hong Kong's domain topped the list, but this year it came in 34th after officials there took action.

McAfee senior research analyst, Shane Keats, says criminals look for low cost, ease of registration and lack of regulation when picking a domain to exploit.

The safest country domain, with only 0.1 percent of its sites posing security threats, belongs to Japan.

It was followed on McAfee's list by Ireland, Croatia, Luxembourg and Vanuatu.

The safest non-country domain is .gov.