25 Nov 2009

French Polynesian assembly votes out Temaru government

7:23 pm on 25 November 2009

French Polynesia's assembly has approved a no confidence motion to oust the coalition government of Oscar Temaru formed last April.

The motion, which was supported by 29 members in the 57-strong assembly, has returned Gaston Tong Sang to the presidency from which he had resigned in February.

The motion had the support of the opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira, a number of outer island MPs and Mr Tong Sang's To Tatou Aia.

He is now to form the territory's fifth government since last year's early general election.

Mr Tong Sang says he endeavours to finalise the 2010 budget before the end of the year.

"We have faith in the future and the willingness of our majority."

Mr Tong Sang was a member of the Tahoeraa until 2007 when he fell out and formed his own party which in last year's election won most votes.

It fell short of a majority but came to power a few weeks after amid defections to its side.

Less than a year later, discord in his government' ranks prompted him to resign.