19 Nov 2009

OPT probe is tool for Flosse demise, says freed suspect

1:39 pm on 19 November 2009

The former head of French Polynesia's OPT telecommunications company, Geffry Salmon, says his detention in a corruption probe was part of a plan to bring about the demise of Gaston Flosse.

Mr Salmon, who has been freed on bail after more than six months in jail, made the comment in an interview with the Depeche de Tahiti newspaper.

He says he wants to prove his innocence, claiming that he was only a means to get at Mt Flosse, who lost his parliamentary immunity and was transferred to Tahiti's Nuutania jail last week.

Mr Salmon says he doesn't believe there was, as claimed by the public prosecutor, a pact of corruption to the benefit of the Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party.

He has also dismissed claims by the investigators that cash was deposited in his bank account in Papeete, saying all deposits were transfers that can be verified.