2 Nov 2009

Questions raised as former PM wins Solomon's by- election after conviction

11:49 am on 2 November 2009

A former Prime Minister in Solomon Islands , Sir Allan Kemakeza, has retained his constituency's seat in parliament after winning last week's by-election by a comfortable margin.

Sir Allan lost his seat when he was convicted over a 2002 attack on a Honiara law firm and served 6 months of a 12 month sentence.

He retook his seat in parliament by winning 1,654 votes and while the runner up, Reginald Hill Kokili, won 957 votes.

Sir Allan's win comes after questions were raised about his eligibility to contest the election after being convicted on criminal charges.

Our correspondent in Honiara, Dorothy Wickham, says other candidates have complained he shouldn't have been allowed to stand.

"There seems to be different interpretations of this, and I think there's been some precedent set in the past with some of our politicians who have faced jail sentences, convictions and have been allowed to run again in the election right after them coming out of prison. And I think in this case there needs to be some clarification done legally, or if not it has to be tested in the courts."