13 Oct 2009

Pacific soap launch in Fiji

4:35 pm on 13 October 2009

The second part of the Pacific TV soap series with a health message, Love Patrol, will be launched in Fiji tomorrow.

It's a Vanuatu-produced series funded by the Australian and New Zealand aid agencies and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

The launch will take place at the Village Six cinemas and will be attended by various embassy staff, non-governmental organisations and the Wan Smolbag Theatre Production team.

Scriptwriter, Jo Dorras, says the Love Patrol soap is focusing on issues that are taboo in a playful way to foster discussion.

"The series is meant to raise the profile of reproductive health and HIV issues. It's set around the police station, so there's always some kind of crime issue and within all that are a couple of characters that are HIV positive and other characters reactions to them."

Jo Dorras says the series will be broadcast on many TV stations across the region.