17 Sep 2009

Polynesians seek to deepen ties with single governing body

1:45 pm on 17 September 2009

An indigenous sovereignty campaigner from Hawaii says a single governing body for Polynesians is achievable, but its advocates need to be better prepared.

Henry Noa's comment comes at the end of a forum in New Zealand that had been looking into the concept.

Mr Noa is the self-styled prime minister of an Hawaiian movement called the Reinstated Government of Hawaii.

He says he thinks the New Zealand meeting was ill-prepared and the delegates lacked the authority to make decisions.

"There was no agenda and those who had organised this meeting, it became obvious that they were deceiving people to believe that they had the authority to organise, or legitimacy to try and organise the Island nations of the Pacific, particularly within the Polynesian Triangle."

Henry Noa says a single governing body for Polynesians would entail sub regions surrendering some of their sovereignty.