12 Aug 2009

Details sought on Fiji's new Domestic Violence Decree

10:56 am on 12 August 2009

More details are said to be needed on how Fiji's new Domestic Violence Decree will be put into practice.

The Creative Director of Women's Action for Change, Peni Moore, says it is important to have something in place to deal with domestic violence cases.

She gives as an example of the level of the problem two children killed by male relatives in the past seven days.

Ms Moore says family violence has been growing as men Indo- Fijian and Fijian come under economic, social or racial pressure:

"It's a every increasing problem and I actually align it a little bit to the fact that as social oppression, racial inequality and other things impact on men, they do take it out more on women and children."

She says previously when police followed through on domestic violence complaints, the alleged offender would often be released by the court to return home.

Ms Moore hopes the decree will alter the way courts deal with such cases, but also advocates programmes to help men and women find ways to deal with anger rather than take it out on their spouses or children