28 Jul 2009

PNG Archbishop: Aid projects should be partnerships

3:18 pm on 28 July 2009

The Catholic Archbishop of Mount Hagen in Papua New Guinea, Douglas Young, says the relationship between aid donors and recipients in the Pacific should not be viewed as merely rich people helping the poor.

Archbishop Young is in New Zealand to attend the Catholic Education Convention to present a seminar on Cooperative Action - looking at the links being made between children in PNG and New Zealand through an aid project in Western Highlands.

The project's objective is to provide financial support for developing a two-teacher school in the province's Rulna area.

It's estimated that to establish the primary school for 60 students will cost around 35 thousand US dollars.

Archbishop Young says the partnership dimension is essential to this project.


IN:......It's not just that rich people are helping poor people. It's true that New Zealand is materially better off than the people in Rulna, but the people in Rulna have a rich tradition, a rich history, a rich culture. They're rich in many ways that new Zealanders would envy - they eat fresh veges every day. And they have something to offer New Zealand.

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Archbishop Douglas Young