22 Jul 2009

Border security discussions held in Wellington

12:46 pm on 22 July 2009

Immigration officials are at a conference in Wellington this week to discuss border security issues.

The four-day Pacific Immigration Directors Conference board management meeting is attended by a number of people, including the chair of the organisation, two representatives from Polynesia, and one each from Melanesia and Micronesia.

The chair, Auseuga Poloma Komiti of Samoa, says apart from strengthening individual countries' border security and management, sharing information, developing a regional network, and training are also crucial.

Today, 99 percent of the funding for the organisation comes from Australia and New Zealand, while contributions from Pacific nations are optional.

He says they are reviewing whether these contributions should become mandatory.

"We're wanting to move towards a formula where all the members of the PIDC contribute, whether it's one percent of the total budget or whether it's a higher percentage, but by contributing an assessed contribution it's also about ownership, it's our organisation, right now some countries put in voluntary contributions, but most don't, and that's what we are on about here."

Auseuga Poloma Komiti.