15 Jul 2009

Bikini Atoll advocate labels Marshalls compo loss a rip-off

12:53 pm on 15 July 2009

A representative for the people of Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands says nuclear test victims have been completely ripped off after a stop to compensation payments.

Jack Niedenthal's comments follow a decision by the Marshall Islands Nuclear Claims Tribunal to cease all compensation payments to claimants which began in 1991.

Mr Niedenthal, who is the trust liaison officer for the people of Bikini Atoll, says the halt in payments is no surprise as the money provided by the United States was inadequate from the beginning.

He says the nuclear test victims have been ripped off.

"There's a moral obligation there to help the people in the Marshall Islands. When you think about all we have done, we have been a nuclear proving ground for the United States. When you think about all these things the RMI government has done for the United States and then look at what they've done with this nuclear issue out here in the Marshall Islands, it's really pathetic."

Jack Niedenthal says representatives of the nuclear test victims will continue fighting for compensation and justice for the people and says they will never give up.