2 Jul 2009

Solomons Ministry of Agriculture confident as dry weather persists

1:17 pm on 2 July 2009

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Solomon Islands expects agriculture producers like rice growers won't be harshly affected by the extensive dry season.

The Meteorology Service there has announced the region could be hit by an El Nino until February.

National delegates are now preparing public warnings for the lack of water and possible fire hazards due to the climate warm up.

But John Harunari of the Ministry says he thinks farmers will manage because he thinks the dry season won't last as long as predicted.

"I don't think the seven month period will be... I mean it can be estimated by the weather patterns, but I don't think it will be a dry season, it will be just about two to three months that will be my observation."

John Harunari, director of Agriculture extension services at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.