29 Jun 2009

Former Vanuatu speaker to take government to court over his removal

12:20 pm on 29 June 2009

The former speaker of the Vanuatu parliament, George Wells, intends taking the government to court over his recent removal from the role.

Radio Vanuatu reports that the Luganville MP says the issue is whether the government removed him as an internal party matter rather than over his professional performance as Speaker.

Mr Wells lost his position earlier this month in a motion of no-confidence in parliament following his move to defect to the opposition from the coalition government.

He says that in a normal motion of no-confidence, the mover should be the leader of government business in parliament and the seconder should be the government whip.

But in his case, the president and secretary-general of Mr Wells' former party the National United Party were the mover and seconder of the motion to oust him from office.

Meanwhile, a number of small opposition parties have agreed to come together and form a new political party by the end of the year.