9 Jun 2009

Speakers at Fiji conference were to present advance copies of papers

9:45 pm on 9 June 2009

Former Fiji law society president, Graham Leung, says all speakers of this week's accountants conference must present advanced copies of their papers.

Together with the academic, Dr Brij Lal, and lawyer, Richard Naidu, Graham Leung, was invited to speak at the two-day Nadi conference starting on Friday.

He says they decided to withdraw frmo the event after the police threatened to revoke the congress' licence should they attend.

Mr Leung says they did not want to jeopardise the annual meeting.

He adds it's unclear why they have been singled out.

"Not to my knowledge have they seen a copy of my paper, but the secretariat organisers of the conference they are now asking for advanced copies of all the speeches that are intended for the conference this weekend as a condition for the conference going ahead."

Graham Leung, a former Fiji law society president.