28 May 2009

CNMI's Fitial criticises lawmakers for not supporting lawsuit

10:36 am on 28 May 2009

The Northern Marianas governor, Benigno Fitial is partly blaming the federalization law for the islands' deepening economic crisis.

The paper, the Marianas Variety says the governor is also criticised lawmakers for not supporting his lawsuit challenging the statute in federal court.

But some lawmakers say they, too, are disappointed with the governor for pushing through with the lawsuit instead of taking the less confrontational negotiation route.

In his State of the Commonwealth Address, the Governor said the federalization law is perhaps the CNMI's biggest obstacle to economic recovery.

He said given the significant economic harm presented by federalization, he is disappointed that more members of the Legislature did not get behind the government's efforts to oppose federalization and support their lawsuit.

But some lawmakers say they are disappointed that the governor went through with the lawsuit, saying it's unfair to blame federalization for the islands' economic problems.