26 May 2009

Claims in PNG that Abal and Pepson must shoulder blame for anti-Asian riots

10:39 am on 26 May 2009

There is a claim that Papua New Guinea's Foreign Minister, Sam Abal, and his Department Secretary, Gabriel Pepson, must shoulder the blame for the recent riots directed at Asian owned businesses.

The claim has been made by an unnamed senior Immigration officer who told the Post Courier newspaper that many Chinese enter the country illegally through professional deals in which documents are falsified.

The officer also alleges that another reason for the alleged illegal influx is the incompetent people appointed to senior positions within the departments.

He says approvals on entry permits for foreign nationals, especially Chinese, are made without due regard or without attention to security.

The officer alleges that certain officers within the department also have connections with prominent Chinese businessmen in the country who were tied to smaller businesses engaged in illegal activities or owned smaller businesses that were meant for Papua New Guineans.