25 May 2009

Fiji exhibition opens in Wellington

1:38 pm on 25 May 2009

An exhibition of Fiji Masi has been opened in a Wellington art gallery over the weekend.

The exhibition features pieces of decorated masi, or tapa cloth , video footage, clothing and ceremonial garments.

One of the artists, Makareta Matemosi, who will be in residence at Pataka Museum for the first month of the 3-month exhibition, says, it is good to see traditional crafts being celebrated.

"Most of us, we've lost some of our customs and cultures but while making tapa and see the meaning of what I am doing, I'm really interested that I am keeping all this love, that the Nanuku people be having. Like, I'm in the big world now, I lost everything that I'm supposed to know."

Makareta Matemosi.