22 May 2009

Fiji media council cancels its annual awards

1:39 pm on 22 May 2009

Fiji's media council has cancelled its annual FAME awards, citing the restrictions on the media under the current emergency regulations.

The council runs the annual awards, which recognise excellence in all aspects of journalism as well as advertising.

The Council's chair, Daryl Tarte, says in the current circumstances, the council regretfully decided to cancel the awards.

"The council considers that in the present, rather restrictive environment, it is very difficult for journalists to be objective and balanced, and furhermore it has become very difficult to raise funds from sponsorship, because all the awards are paid for by sponsorship."

Daryl Tarte says he still urges journalists to take pride in their vocation, because the media plays a vital role in the life of nation such as Fiji.