12 May 2009

Telikom PNG Limited unveils its latest in PNG digital product

10:57 am on 12 May 2009

Telikom PNG Limited has recently unveiled its latest in Papua New Guinea digital product, the fixed wireless telephone.

The National newspaper reports that having been on extensive trial, it is now out for sale in Port Moresby and is likely to quickly extend to other centres.

Company director Anthony Smare at the launch extended Telikom's appreciation and commended the Independent Consumers and Competition Commission for providing the value adding service licence for the new consumer product.

The National quotes Mr Smare saying the new product will be very popular with PNG families, as it is free from disruption, has low calling cost and the handset unit comes with a range of features and services to meet business or personal communication needs.

With short message service or SMS, internet and fax capability, the new fixed wireless comes as a desktop handset.

The device is technically known as CDMA

As its name implies it is a wireless, rechargeable battery-operated device and carries radio-linked telephone services into the home and office.