5 May 2009

No poll yet whether Guam people back US military build-up

3:09 pm on 5 May 2009

It's still unclear whether Guam will ask the people if they support the U.S. military build-up in the territory.

By 2014, 8,000 marines are to be transferred from Okinawa in Japan to Guam after the U.S and Japan signed a deal in February.

A legislative submission for such a survey was introduced in February.

The deputy speaker, Benjamin Cruz, says he expected to hear back by April, but that hasn't happened.

"They changed that rule to 120 days. Unfortunately the chair of the committee this was referred to he's questioning the referral to his committee. So I have told them if they can't agree on who's to hear it I'll be hearing it myself, but we need to get this thing going as soon as possible because I need to determine what the feeling of the people is."

Benjamin Cruz says the hearing will take place in mid-June at the very latest.