4 May 2009

Sponsorship scheme in American Samoa could leave workers open to exploitation

5:41 am on 4 May 2009

Questions have been raised in American Samoa over whether the sponsorship scheme for those wanting to work in the territory leaves foreign workers open to exploitation.

Agencies which help identify victims of human trafficking and those which provide services for such victims have been receiving training from Salvation Army officials.

The Salvation Army's, Rahida Khan, who is in charge of the Victims of Crime programme in ten US States, says there was discussion on during the training on how sponsorship can leave workers from overseas in a vulnerable position:

"There is a possibility that people who are providing sponsorship might, there is a possibility always because if they are getting money from the girls, they are in a exploitive situation, so they could be part of the whole game, that's where we had our previous victims from here."