22 Apr 2009

Fiji Water to lay off workers

10:26 am on 22 April 2009

Fiji Water has announced it is laying off 92 workers from its 450 member workforce in Fiji due to a slowdown in its main export market.

The company out of Yaqara in Western Viti Levu exports bottled mineral water mainly to the United States of America.

Fiji Live is reporting the company media consultant Nirmal Singh has confirmed the move, saying it is because of the global economic downturn.

Fiji Water's cut down follows a 40 percent layoff in its US workforce last December, attributed to weaker sales.

The water industry in the US, according to media reports there, has suffered in recent times from a combination of factors.

A report from Business Week in January states the twelve billion US dollar-a-year business has gotten whacked in the past year by the weak economy, an environmental backlash against plastic bottles, and competition from trendy canteens, often filled with tap water.