21 Apr 2009

Interim regime struggling to attract judiciary appointments, says lawyer

10:08 pm on 21 April 2009

A former president of the Fiji Law Society says the failure of the interim government to appoint new judges to the High Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal indicates the regime is having difficulty attracting people to the jobs.

Eight magistrates and a chief magistrate were sworn in yesterday but further appointments have yet to be made.

Graham Leung says he rejects the argument of the reappointed Solicitor General, Christopher Pryde that lawyers should agree to work under the government because they are needed to maintain services and restore the rule of law.

Mr Leung says he would advise judges and lawyers not to associate themselves with the interim government.

"It's a good thing that some judges possibly are thinking twice about service in what could be a treasonous and therefore an illegal regime. Obviously judges that value their reputation would want to steer clearly away from illegality and unconstitutionality."

The former president of the Fiji Law Society, Graham Leung