21 Apr 2009

NZ's Pryde reappointed as Fiji's Solicitor-General

9:48 am on 21 April 2009

The New Zealand lawyer Christopher Pryde has been reappointed Solicitor-General of Fiji.

The reappointment comes after all constitutional offices were revoked when the 1997 constitution was abrogated more than a week ago.

Mr Pryde says he rejects criticism from the New Zealand Law Society that lawyers should not accept office with a regime found to be unlawful.

He says its important for Fiji that there is minimum disruption to government services and that people assist the country to get back on its feet and restore the rule of law.

Mr Pryde has also rejected criticism from the Fiji Law Society, saying it has been successively compromised over the last two years and is a shadow of its former self.