16 Apr 2009

Fiji professor dismayed at repeated coup support in Fiji

3:52 pm on 16 April 2009

A Fiji professor at the University of the South Pacific has spoken out about the support afforded to coup makers in Fiji.

In a speech, Professor Wadan Narsey says some people choose to ignore their commitment to constitutional law and order in favour of a so-called good cause.

"I find it very dismaying that so-called good citizens and I do find that many of them are really genuinely good citizens, they have supported military coups. 87, 2000 it was the Methodists, the Great Council of Chiefs and the majority of indigenous Fijians. In 2006, it has been the Catholic and Hindu organisations, the Fiji Labour Party and its stalwarts, leaders of NGOs which has edifying names such as Citizen Constitutional Forum and the majority of Indo-Fijian citizens."

Wadan Narsey