15 Apr 2009

French Polynesian vote prompts Hirshon clarification

1:55 pm on 15 April 2009

A senior member of French Polynesia's ruling Union For Democracy has issued a statement to say she didn't defy the party's instruction to vote for Philip Schyle in last week's election of a new assembly president.

This comes after a report by Tahitipresse which said she had been among at least four assembly members to vote for the Tahoeraa Huiraatira candidate, Edouard Fritch.

Ms Hirshon says while she shared her views with her party colleagues she doesn't vote against her party.

The assembly vote came after the two main leaders had fallen out and the Tahoeraa leader, Gaston Flosse, said he would go into opposition.

A new government is expected to be formed third week, with the Tahoeraa ministers yet to quit their portfolios.