31 Mar 2009

Niue govt looks at protecting island for Niueans

9:32 pm on 31 March 2009

Niue's immigration minister Toke Talagi says legislation before parliament needs to ensure that Niue is protected for Niueans, while at the same time encouraging the repopulation of the country.

Mr Talagi, who is also the Premier, says people from all over the world are interested in living in Niue.

But he says the current immigration act does not adequately meet their requirements.

"We need to ensure that whatever is going to happen to Niue in the future and our need to repopulate Niue with people other than Niueans who clearly are showing preference for living overseas, we need to determine how we are going to do that and what type of form we need to do that in."

Toke Talagi says there has always been an open policy to encourage Niueans living overseas to return home, but they could consider making it easier for people to access their family land so they could develop it.