27 Mar 2009

Fiji Army commander says overseas hospital treatment for military nothing new

5:59 pm on 27 March 2009

Fiji's Land Force Commander says the interim Prime Minister's discussion of medical treatment for military patients in India while he's visiting there is nothing new.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama is in India for a seven day visit, following up on an earlier trip to inspect facilities at the Batra Hospital in New Delhi.

Colonel Pita Driti says the Fiji military's medical scheme has always allowed for overseas treatment.

He says the standard of local hospitals is inadequate and in the wake of a ban by New Zealand and Australia, Fiji's military is having to look to other countries for medical treatment.

"There are also security issues involved. We would like to have our patients well-protected and we would like to have the issue of confidentiality also at hand so all these things come all in one package and it's called comprehensive security"

Colonel Pita Driti, Fiji's Land Force Commander.