24 Mar 2009

Cyclone Jasper moving slowing through the Coral Sea

2:26 pm on 24 March 2009

The chief forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology in Brisbane says they have issued a high wind warning for shipping following the development of Cyclone Jasper in the Coral Sea.

Terry Erbs says Jasper is is about one thousand kilometres east of McKay Islands and is moving east south east at 17 knots, with maximum winds around the centre at 15 knots.

While there have been some reports that Jasper on its present course could affect some of the pacific countries. Mr Erbs says it's hard to say which path it will take.

"In the short to medium term the movement is going to continue to be southeast, longer term there is some uncertainty about its eventual movement as with all cyclones they are difficult to be on 24 to 48 hours to predict"