23 Mar 2009

Transparency International PNG questions increase in MP allowances

9:43 pm on 23 March 2009

Transparency International in Papua New Guinea is questioning why members of Parliament are set to get sharp rises in their accommodation and vehicle allowances.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has recommended to Parliament a 42 percent increase in accommodation allowances and a 50 percent rise in vehicle allowances.

Transparency International PNG's Chair Peter Aitsi says with the current global economic downturn the PNG Government should be tightening its belt instead of increasing allowances.

He says Transparency International has issued a statement demanding answers.

"The people can be aware of how they've reviewed their existing allowances and what criteria they've used to recommend the proposed increases. And this is something that TI is specifically asking for from the Government."

Peter Aitsi says the public is facing a difficult time and says he hopes MP's can realise the example they are setting and their need to exercise prudence.